Why the book industry has no future


The best way to learn something new is to just read a book.

That’s exactly what British designer and author Andrew McAfee says is the case with his new book, The Book Factory: The Untold Story of the Book Design Industry.

The book is the latest in a series that includes McAfee’s book, Designing Great Products, which tells the story of how he designed a laptop with an OLED display.

McAfee said in an interview that his new series was inspired by the way he learned about the book business and its future.

“I always wondered why I needed to be a book designer when I could design things that were just cool and unique,” McAfee told The Huffington Post.

“I was looking for an explanation for why book design was so much fun, and that it was so hard to make a living in.”

The book has sold well in the US, with a recent run at Amazon selling more than 100,000 copies.

McAfee’s new book also explores the book design process in the UK.

In one chapter, McAfee talks about how the UK is a “book market.”

“We have to have a really strong idea of what the books we are designing will look like, and what the customers will want to buy.

I have to take my design and my ideas to the UK to find the right design.

It takes me all over the world, and it takes time.

There are so many different cultures, so many people,” Mc, who lives in London, told HuffPost.

The British book industry is one of the most important industries in the world.

The UK is home to one of Europe’s largest book publishing houses, and the country has an estimated 500,000 book designers and designers who are employed in more than a dozen book design firms.

McNaid said he is working on a sequel to The Book Industry, titled Designing The Book.

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