When it comes to vegan designers, Freelance Designer Branding is the best


By Emma StottA number of vegan designers have already hit the headlines over the past few years with a number of creative projects on the horizon, and a number more are expected to follow soon.

In a bid to make it easier for people to make a living from their vegan lifestyle, the latest fashion trend to hit the market is the Freelancer.

A brand, website and social media platform, it aims to help anyone with a budget and a desire to be a self-employed designer.

“We know there’s a huge gap in the market for creative people with no background in fashion or design, so Freelancers are an excellent way for people looking to make some extra cash,” says Lorna Wilson, co-founder of Freelancing Designer Brand, a platform where anyone can start their own business and create a portfolio of work.

Ms Wilson said she started Freelances Designer Brand in 2015, and she believes the platform has grown from a few designers to a team of 10 now, with more to come.

“It’s a fantastic platform because you don’t have to be in a certain profession, you don.

You can do everything,” she says.

While Freelants are generally small, Ms Wilson said there were a few “big brands” that were starting their own brands.

“But, they all came to Freelanced,” she said.

“Some were big brands, some were small brands.

I think the Freels need to be taken seriously.

They’re the next big thing in the industry, and they’re going to change the game in a big way.”

Freelancers, or freelance designers, started out in the fashion world, but have since been expanding into other fields.

“They’re really a new industry that people haven’t been aware of before, and I think that’s a really good thing,” Ms Wilson says.

She says it was important for the Frees to be known and recognised because the Freellers’ business model was that they didn’t need to have a salary or a portfolio to earn a living, but could work from home and make money.

“That’s a very flexible business model for freelancers to be able to do.

It’s very flexible because it’s not a fixed salary that you have to put up with every month,” she explains.”

You can work from wherever you want.

You have the flexibility to do it from anywhere.”

The Freelers have been able to attract talent with their work, and Ms Wilson is currently working with a variety of designers on Freelands portfolio.

“There’s a lot of talent out there and a lot is available to people who want to be designers.

They can make a decent living from it,” she explained.

Freelances is a small platform, but Ms Wilson believes the future is bright.

“We’re going from the small startup to the large enterprise, and there’s going to be plenty more opportunities to make money from that,” she predicts.

The Freels also provide a platform for anyone with an interest in design, as it provides a place to meet designers and gain valuable experience.

“If you’re a designer who wants to be an independent designer and can help other designers make more money, Freels is the place to be,” she told News.org.au.

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