What’s the worst designer brand cases you’ve seen?


Most of the time, designer brands are not the worst brand cases to be faced with.

And when you look at the big names, there’s not much that’s really bad.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

What’s wrong with designer brands?

Brand designers often have a lot of creative freedom, which can lead to some creative disaster.

Here are 10 brands that we found to be the worst, and why.


Saks Fifth Avenue A lot of brands use their design agency to create the look of their brand, but some companies do it their own way.

In the Saks case, the agency took advantage of its design experience to create something that looks like a clothing store in the 1950s.

It’s an unfortunate design, but Saks is a company that’s trying to be more creative.

For instance, Saks’ latest designer collaborations include an asymmetrical striped shirt and a slim fit trench coat, with a faux leather and faux leather-trimmed back piece.

The designer brand is currently making headlines for a recent $20 million lawsuit filed by a customer who says the brand’s “faux leather” and faux-leather-trimming back pieces violated her rights.

The lawsuit, filed by former customer Rachel McLean, seeks $150 million in damages.


Prada Prada has long been criticized for its fashion line.

The company’s famous designer line, which is known for its retro-styled silhouettes, often features designs that are not as flattering.

For example, Prada is known to have worn a “pink collar” to the designer show at the 2014 Fashion Week in New York City.


Burberry Burberry’s recent fashion statement is called “Rise Above,” which is a reference to the fashion movement that started in the 1960s and that has since gone global.

The line, a collaboration between Burberry and Nike, is called a “modern take on the classic Burberry.”

It features a classic design with modern silhouettes and materials, and Burberry was quick to acknowledge that it was inspired by the fashion.

“We wanted to celebrate our history, our heritage and our inspiration in an inclusive way that also celebrates our new and innovative work,” Burberry said in a statement.


Adidas Adidas was criticized for using “old school” materials in its latest design for the shoe, which also featured a leather-studded silhouette.

The design was praised by some designers, but others found it to be a poor choice.

Adidas did not respond to a request for comment.


Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Hil, the brand that’s been synonymous with fashion for over 100 years, is not a designer brand.

The brand, which has an official name that’s used since the 1950’s, is also known for being a company known for fashion and accessories.

However, its designers and employees have been criticized in recent years for being too traditional.

In 2015, the company was criticized by a fan who claimed that the company has been using traditional brands in its designs.

The “I love Tom, but I hate Tommy” meme has become a viral meme.


Calvin Klein Calvin Klein’s new line of women’s shoes features a “sexy, retro look,” which was criticized as “old-school.”

It’s unclear how much influence the brand will have on the fashion industry, but it will likely face criticism from designers.


Calvin and Hobbes Calvin and Hobbes, the popular children’s book series that debuted in 1963, has been criticized by designers for its use of “tacky” and “silly” language, which are used to describe children.

Calvin has also been criticized on social media for its “tough love” philosophy, which some have criticized for being an outdated approach.


Burp’s brand Burp has always been controversial.

Burpy has had a very public history of getting into creative trouble, including being sued by a client after he called the company “a bunch of hicks.”

Burp, which originally was known as “The Burp Show,” went bankrupt in 2007 and has been out of business since.



Crew J.

Crew’s brand, J.W.A.D., has been accused of using its clothing and accessories to promote a political agenda.

The apparel company has recently been accused by a former employee of creating the slogan “Black Lives Matter.”


Zara Zara is a brand that has long struggled to gain a foothold in the fashion market.

In 2012, Zara was fined $1 million by the Federal Trade Commission for misleading customers about the safety of their shoes.


Gucci Gucci has a long history of making controversial statements and design choices.

Its clothing line, the Gucci line, is known as an “indigenous” brand that aims to make clothing more “African American.”

It is one of the few brands that has been known to push the envelope

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