What you need to know about gilded cows and the new breed of designer luggage brand


This article was originally published in October 2015. 

The world’s favourite cattle brand has been in the news lately. 

It is a brand that is now making headlines because of a recent move by it to ban the use of gilded cattle in branded products.

The move was prompted by the death of one of its bulls, named ‘Wombat’, in a tragic accident on its ranch in Wyoming. 

A spokeswoman for the company, which is owned by the family of billionaire and cattle tycoon Warren Buffett, told the New York Times the decision was not made lightly, as the bulls had never been bred with a particular colour. 

“Our cattle are all gilded, which means they are all black and they are raised on a white background,” she said.

“It is not something we can ever put a label on.” 

It was not immediately clear how the company planned to implement the ban. 

In February, The Telegraph reported that a spokesman for the brand said the move was “based on scientific fact” and that its “policy on gilded animals is based on safety and welfare concerns”. 

In an interview with the Financial Times, Berkshire Hathaway chief executive officer Robert Mercer said that the brand was taking a cautious approach. 

“[It’s] a brand which is committed to its ethical standards and ethical sourcing and sourcing is our top priority,” he said. 

Mr Mercer said he was “proud of the work we do here” and said the company would make “no excuses for our decision to ban gilded”. 

The company, however, said it would still be able to use its cattle in the future if it needed to. 

What is gilded? 

“If you want to put on a gilded collar or tie, it has to be made of gold and you have to use gold as a medium,” the spokeswoman told the FT. 

Gilded cattle are usually used in cattle breeding programmes and other breeding programmes, she added. 

According to the US National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, over 100 breeds are used to produce gilded calves. 

Whilst it is possible to produce cattle with gold in the UK, there are regulations which dictate what cattle can be used. 

But the brand’s spokesperson said the decision to go ahead with the ban was based on “safety and welfare considerations”. 

“The decision to continue breeding in the gilded category was based upon safety and safety concerns as well as the welfare and safety of our cattle,” she added, according to the FT report. 

Are gilded cow breeds really gilded as they are sold as a “gift” to the public? 

While the new gilded breed may not be the norm, the term has been used for years to describe a breed of cattle that has been bred to be extremely gilded. 

Some breeders even sell their gilded products as a way of making money. 

Is gilded bull cattle really gilding? 

It has been suggested that the term was coined by a British farmer who is selling his cows in a “golden ring” that looks like a gold plated watch. 

However, the BBC reported that the word “gild” was not a breed name and the breed was a “common name” for the type of cattle. 

As the term gilded has been around for decades, many experts believe the breed is really just a brand name. 

For instance, the American Association of Game and Fish Commissioners said in a statement that “the term gild does not describe any specific breed of animals, and therefore the term is not applicable to the cattle breed” and it would not be appropriate to use the word to describe the breed. 

And a spokesperson for the American Cattleman’s Association said it was not an accurate term to describe breeders or breeders breeders who have chosen to use it to describe their products. 

Can I buy a gilded cow? 

Gild is an animal-breeding term which refers to the colour of a breed’s head and body. 

So if you are thinking about buying a gilt-breed bull that you know is gild, the answer is no. 

If you are looking to buy a “regular” bull, that’s OK too. 

When a bull’s head is gold, the coat is gold. 

While a gift is a marketing term that can be applied to a product, a bull will still be a “good” bull by definition, and is not the same breed as a gire. 

All of these different terms are not exactly the same, and the two categories of breed are often lumped together. 

This can be confusing when it comes to deciding which breed to buy. 

Read more: Is it OK to buy cattle with ‘gilded’ coats? 

Can you buy a cow with a gaunt face? 

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