What is the best designer sunglasses brand in Japan?


By: Aya KatoAya Katsuhisa | | | Japanese fashion brand designer sunglasses have been around since the mid-nineties.

Aya was born in Tokyo and she started her career as a fashion model in 2008.

She graduated in 2012 and since then has designed sunglasses for some of the most high profile brands in the world.

The latest design for the new “Lion” line of sunglasses is by Kanoi.

Kanoi’s design for a “Lions” line is also inspired by Japanese nature.

They are called “sneakers” because of their shape and the way they are made.

“Lions”, or “skeletons”, are very protective and have a distinctive design.

In order to make the shoes look like a lion, the company uses bamboo, which is also used to make bamboo products.

It is then made from the bamboo in a special way.

According to the Kanois, this makes the shoes extremely durable and stylish.

Although they are not designed to look like lions, the designs are very close.

For example, the “LION” logo is on the right shoe and the design of the “Rooftop” logo on the left shoe is also close.

This is where it gets interesting.

I was lucky enough to get a preview of the Lion’s design.

It’s a bold design, and I think it’s a great choice.

This is the same design on the Lion “ROOFTOP” shoes that are going to be on sale in the coming weeks.

To me, the Lion design is a bit of a nod to the Japanese way of life, but I think its really well done.

There are two styles of Lion “LIONS” that are coming out in 2017.

One is called the “Flex”, which is a leather version of the lion logo.

Next is the “Leather Lion” with a leather-like feel.

Both Lion “FLEX” and Lion “LEATHER” shoes will be available in the fall.

While the Lion Lion “Leaf” is the traditional Lion “leather” style, this one will be made in the “Saddle” style.

When the Lion Flex shoes come out in the spring, they will be similar to the leather Lion “SLEFT” shoes.

As for the “Glow” and “Lights” Lion Lion logos, they are going into a new design.

The design for these is a lot closer to what you see on the front of a “Leapfrog”.

The “GOLD” logo will be the same as the Lion Lux Luxury Lion logo.

The “SILVER” logo should be a bit different.

Last, but certainly not least, the newest design is the Lion-branded “Glam” and the “Dawn” logo.

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