The best brands in Asia


In 2017, we took a look at the best brands to wear in a casual setting.

Today, we’re focusing on brand design that’s bold, bold, and bolder.

We’re going to start with the most famous brands in the world and see how they stand up to the pressures of modern life.

If you’re interested in our other brands, check out our other articles here.1.

Hedi Slimane and Nike’s “Nike Flyknit”Titanium gray.2.

Houdini and Adidas’s “Luxury”Leather upper.3.

The Houdinks “T-Shirt”Houdini logo on the front of a jersey.4.

“Fruit of the Loom”Solemn white shirt.5.

Adidas’s Flyknit pants and shoes, and “Nikes”Tall white sneakers.6.

“Casa” from “The Big Bang Theory” by Sookie Stackhouse.7.

“Lucky” from Disney Channel’s “Pixar Movie”7.7 “Pillow” from HBO’s “Silicon Valley”8.

“Darling Nikki” from Nickelodeon’s “Muppet Babies”9.

“Puma” from Nike’s Flyboot shoes10.

“Shaggy” from Adidas’s Ultra Boost shoes11.

“The Good Life” from The Good Life 12.

“Ivy” from IKEA’s “A Little Piece of Me”13.

“Wedding Dress” from Victoria Beckham’s “The One With the Perfect Look”14.

“Beach Blanket” from the Beach Blanket Collection15.

“Nude” from Prada’s “Love is a Body Language”16.

“Black” from Dolce & Gabbana17.

“Leopard Print” from Gucci18.

“Chicory” from Ralph Lauren19.

“Brunette” from Burberry20.

“Striped Cotton” from Calvin Klein21.

“Hoodie” from Dior22.

“Tight Booty” from Zara23.

“Sneakers” from Tommy Hilfiger24.

“Sportcoat” from Vans25.

“White Stripes” from Uniqlo26.

“Ameriglo” from H&M27.

“Blanc” from Bottega Veneta28.

“Skull” from Balenciaga29.

“Gotham” from DC Comics30.

“Gold” from Versace31.

“Mossy” by Mollie King32.

“Blue” by Adidas33.

“Necklace” from Guess34.

“Green” by Dior35.

“Pink” by Gucci36.

“Tan” by LVMH37.

“Light” by Dolce& Gabbano38.

“Orange” by Prada39.

“Brown” by Givenchy40.

“Purple” by Versace41.

“Gray” by H&amp’l42.

“Deep Red” by Calvin Klein43.

“Grey” by Bottego Veneta44.

“Maroon” by Burberry45.

“Magenta” by Fendi46.

“Rose Gold” by Tommy Hilfeld47.

“Silver” by Yves Saint Laurent48.

“Bright Red” from Louis Vuitton49.

“Ivory” by Vans50.

“Turquoise” by Chanel51.

“Bronze” by Louis Vuichons52.

“Colored” by Guess53.

“Dark Blue” by Alexander McQueen54.

“Red” by Nike55.

“Cool Red” (silver)56.

“Yellow” by J.


“Pearl” by Zara58.

“Emerald” by Vera Wang59.

“Eclipse” by Under Armour60.

“Ruby” by Marc Jacobs61.

“Peach” by New Balance62.

“Topaz” by Bobbi Brown63.

“Sunset” by Tom Ford64.

“Glossy White” by Nikes65.

“Violet” by Stella McCartney66.

“Charcoal” by Armani67.

“Grass” by Christian Louboutin68.

“Caramel” by Lacoste69.

“Platinum” by Guerlain70.

“Diamond” by Ralph Lauren71.

“Brilliant Orange” by C.M. Chopard72.

“Smoky” by Vetements73.

“Kiss” by Keesha78.

“Champagne” by Hugo Boss79.

“Golden Yellow” by Edelweiss80.

“Rainbow” by Converse 81.

“Hot Pink” by Banana Republic82.

“Fire” by John Varvatos83.

“Flame” by Kanye West84.

“Sea” by Michael Kors85. “Jade

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