Obama, Biden launch ‘passport brand’ redesign

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President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and first lady Michelle Obama have launched the first-ever “passport branding” redesign for their nation.

“It’s not about getting to the next day in the Oval Office, but about being able to enjoy what it means to be an American, and be proud to be a citizen,” Obama said in a statement.

The redesign, dubbed “The First 100 Days,” is part of the Obama-Biden presidential legacy and a new look for the U.S. passport.

The redesign includes an updated design of the passports and an updated photo of the American flag.

It also includes new digital elements that include an updated image of the word “America” on the passport’s front, the words “passports” and “President Obama” printed on the back, and a “Passport of Hope” logo in the lower right corner of the passport.

The first 100 days have been an emotional time for millions of Americans.

It has also been a defining period for America’s national identity.

Obama said he has tried to use his first 100 Days as a way to remind Americans that they have a responsibility to be their best selves and “be proud to have American citizenship.”

“Every day, we must find ways to make our country stronger, more inclusive and more prosperous for all of its citizens,” Obama added.

The redesigned passports will be available starting Monday, July 6, at passport.gov.

passport brand design

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