‘Lush’ brand designer in Genesis brand design team resigns


Senior brand designer at Genesis Brand Design, David Kestenbaum, has resigned from the Genesis brand after less than two months on the job, according to a LinkedIn post.

The move comes after Kestinbaum’s contract was terminated earlier this month by the company, which is in the midst of revamping its marketing and sales strategies.

The post, which was posted on Sunday, says Kestens tenure was marked by a number of missteps that resulted in him leaving the company.

In the post, Kestenberg says that in the first few months of his tenure he and his team “fell into a hole.”

Kestening was a senior brand designer and creative director at the company from October 2013 to May 2017.

He has been with Genesis for over 10 years, having worked at companies such as JCPenney, Nike, and Levi Strauss.

“At the time I was a junior brand designer working on marketing and strategy, so my first reaction was I was so fired up,” Kestinger wrote.

“It was very clear to me that my job would not be easy to maintain.

I was also looking for new challenges.”

In a statement, KESTENBAUM said he and the company are sorry for the situation that he has been placed in.

He added that he “has worked very hard to improve Genesis Brand and our brand as a whole, and I wish to thank our staff and customers for their support.”

Genesis Brand Design has a total of four employees, Kests is the only one currently employed at the brand.

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