Japan’s biggest designer brands get new logos


The largest Japanese designer brand, the Kure-san brand, has been renamed to KureSho brand, in what is the first major change to its name in more than 20 years.

The change came after an outcry from a number of social media users, who criticised the logo.

A post on the Koryo Shobo brand Facebook page said: “We want to share our heartfelt thanks to the fans and the entire Kure Shobo family.

We are glad that this has become the reality.

We would like to sincerely thank the fans for the support and love, and hope that you understand the meaning of this.”

KoryoSho’s logo changed to Koryosha, in a move to reflect the change in the branding of the brand, which has seen many members of the public complain about the brand’s logo.

The brand is the third-largest designer in Japan, behind Saks Fifth Avenue and Kure San, with over 200 stores.

The KureSan brand has also been given a new logo, which uses the kanji for “san”, “sanka”, “shinkan”, “kure” and “san”.

The new logo also changes the kanami characters of the words “shinobi”, “kenobi” and the “shoshinkan”.

The brand has been a popular choice for young people for years, with more than 30,000 students studying at its facilities, and the brand was also voted Japan’s best high school brand by the same organisation in a survey conducted by Koryotimes magazine.

The brand’s new name is part of a wider strategy to modernise the brand to fit the changing tastes of consumers.

The company has been expanding its network of stores, adding new locations to accommodate growing demand for its products.

“We are delighted to announce the new Kure san and Koryojashi store locations.

We hope that the new name and branding will help to satisfy the demand for Kure, Koryosho, and Shoshinko products,” said Koryogatsu in a statement on the brand Facebook account.

Koryosan is one of Japan’s oldest and largest designer brands, established in 1919 and established as the leading brand in the field of modern Japanese design.

The Koryobas brand has grown into one of the largest Japanese brands, selling more than 10 million products in the last decade, with a presence in more the USA, China, and Brazil.

japanese designer brands

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