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Author : Nita Keshavan | Comments : 979 Views, 0 Likes Published: August 11, 2018 12:01:55 A decade ago, the United States experienced an economic meltdown.

At the same time, a major social issue that had been bubbling away for decades — homelessness — began to take shape.

Now, a growing number of cities and states are considering ways to address this new, more urgent problem.

Here are five ideas that could help address the growing homelessness problem. 

New homes that are more livable New homes that have a higher livability score are more likely to be purchased by lower-income residents. 

In a report by the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC), more than 3.2 million homes were sold last year, with about half (49.3%) of those sold to households earning less than $30,000.

That’s up from 38.2% in 2016, and almost 50% of the homes sold in 2015.

In addition, about half of those homes were purchased by people with incomes less than 40% of median household income.

Homebuyers with lower incomes are less likely to have the means to afford a new home, and fewer are purchasing one.

For low-income renters, purchasing a home means making a monthly mortgage payment that is at least $3,000 less than the median household monthly mortgage payments.

In many communities, the cost of a new house has increased since the recession, with median monthly payments for new homes in some cities as low as $4,600.

New homes can also be more affordable by improving their architectural features and reducing interior space, like adding an attic or changing the roof.

Reducing the cost to buy a home can reduce the time people spend in it and help reduce their risk of homelessness, according to the NLIHC report.

The new home should have a roof over a kitchen, which can be covered with a canopy, or be built out with a smaller garage or storage area.

It should also be able to accommodate pets, which helps reduce the number of shelter stays.

Build a larger home to accommodate a child or family of five or six, if the family can afford it. 

The cost of an apartment can also impact a new owner’s ability to afford housing.

A new owner of a one-bedroom apartment that costs $2,500 per month or more can pay a monthly fee of $600 or more to live in a two-bedroom or three-bedroom unit, or pay $1,800 for a one bedroom apartment.

The monthly fee can be waived for residents with low incomes, and those who work or study full time can also pay less, according the NLOHC. 

Additionally, homeowners who rent can pay the monthly fee to keep their existing property.

The NLIHB reports that many rental properties can be purchased for as little as $800 a month.

If the renter stays at the home for at least one year, they pay nothing. 

There are also some affordable ways to make housing more livably. 

“The housing market has been doing well in recent years.

There are more and more people getting into the market and we’re seeing an increase in rents, particularly in low- to moderate-income neighborhoods,” said John Sommers, CEO of the Housing Trust of the City of New York.

“These properties are affordable, have some of the amenities that people want in a home, they’re well-lit, and it’s a good location for young families to stay.

So the question is, what are the needs that are really important to those people?”

In some communities, there are also incentives for owners to increase the amount of space they offer in their homes.

“If you’re buying a home and you have an open-concept living room and you want to add a big bedroom, the property owner will offer a rebate for that,” said Sommars.

“The rebate is for the cost that they’d incur to put up the new space.

So you don’t pay a ton of money, but they’ll get something.”

New apartments can also help people afford their medical care.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in three Americans who are currently homeless has a chronic health condition.

“New housing that is accessible for low- and moderate- to high-income people will allow them to afford health care for the rest of their lives,” said Keshava Vakil, policy director for NLIHEVC.

“This is something we’re really excited about.”

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