How to build a ‘French brand’ design by a French designer


A French designer who specializes in design and branding said that she started by making a design to showcase the brand’s roots, and then decided to add a bit of flair to the end.

“I wanted to be more creative, I wanted to try something different, I just didn’t want to do it just for fun,” said Mireille Deschamps, who is best known for her design work for the French department store designer Hermes.

“What I want to share with you now is the process that went into creating a French brand.”

Deschamp’s design, called “Les Femmes Découvrir,” was inspired by the iconic “Ladies” shirt, which is worn by the first female head of state of France.

Deschamped decided to use the same fabrics for the designs, and used the same typefaces and fonts for the two logos.

“It’s a design that I really love,” Descharms said.

“Because it’s a bit different.

I think the way I look at it is the first time, it was done for me.”

The first part of the design consists of a logo, a shirt, and a silhouette.

The shirt is made up of several layers, which can be used for different designs.

The first layer is the French flag, and the silhouette is the silhouette of a female head, holding a book.

The second layer consists of two images: a female portrait of a woman holding a notebook, and two men holding a hat.

Desdamps added a black and white logo to the first image, to add contrast to the background.

“The two images are meant to show the women’s freedom,” Desdamp explained.

“They’re the only two things that I have.

I didn’t do it to be political.

It’s not a political thing, it’s an artistic thing.”

The design can be applied to almost any typeface, which Deschs said she used for her “Lets be honest” shirts.

“Sometimes, it helps to change the font a little bit.

I like to use a little more different fonts for different projects, so I use two different fonts to work on it,” she said.

After the first layer, the second layer is a photo of a different woman wearing a shirt and a hat, and they are applied to the third layer.

“You can put a bit more weight on the image,” she explained.

Desds design features a woman wearing her book, while two men are wearing hats.

The final design is a logo on a shirt that is printed with the French language, a reference to the book Les Femmes d’Amour.

“There’s this symbol of the book in the center of the picture, which I wanted it to represent,” Desds said.

Deslays book is inspired by “La Femme”, which is the name of her design, and it also features a black line drawn through it.

“To make it stand out, I had a black border around it.

I wanted something with a more modern aesthetic.

I did this because I think there’s a big difference between a book and a book cover.”

After all of the layers are applied, the last layer is an image of a black book with a black ribbon through it, and an image that looks like a book, with a line through it representing the title.

“This is a very simple graphic,” Desches said.

She then shared the finished design with a few friends.

“My friends were like, ‘I can’t believe this is happening,’ and I was like, yes.

That’s when I realized it was a very easy process,” she continued.

Desamps is very excited about her design and is very happy with how it came out.

“For me, this was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but I think it worked,” she added.

“In the end, it feels good.

I love it, it has so much potential.”

You can read more about the designer’s design here.

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