How the New Zealand tourism industry is changing with the arrival of Google Glass

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New Zealand is gearing up to welcome the arrival, with the country’s tourism industry set to be transformed by Google Glass.

The New Zealand Tourism Industry Association (NZTA) is hoping to see more than 100,000 tourists use Glass in 2017 and 2018.

New Zealand is also gearing up for the arrival in 2018 of a new generation of technology.

“The introduction of Glass in 2018, and its rapid uptake in New Zealand, will be a game changer for tourism,” said NZTA chairwoman Lisa O’Neill.

“There’s a huge amount of growth opportunities for New Zealand in terms of the new generation tourism.”

Ms O’Neil said there were more than 600 companies in New England that were exploring the possibility of working with Glass.

“The fact that we’re seeing a new group of technology companies coming to the New England region, and we’re getting a new technology to the tourism industry in New South Wales and Victoria, will allow for a lot more interaction and collaboration,” she said.

“Glass is a wonderful opportunity to bring together the worlds of technology and tourism.”

The NZTA hopes to see a significant boost in visitor numbers and business.

“We are going to see tourism numbers go up, but it’s not going to be a one-off increase,” she explained.

“New Zealand will be seeing more than double in visitors per capita by 2020 and we are looking forward to seeing a lot of growth in tourism.”


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