How beautiful glasses are making designer brands more attractive


Designer glasses makers have been getting an even better return on their investments in the face technology industry.

And the best part is, they’re making the technology that is making them more attractive even better.article With the help of technology expert Richard Cogley, CBC’s In Focus team spent a week at the top of the world to learn how the eyewear industry is changing and adapting to meet the needs of today’s modern lifestyle.

They also found out about the most popular glasses brands and how the glass technology is evolving.

“In a lot of ways, glasses are the face of the eyeglass industry, it’s what makes people want to wear glasses,” says Cogly.

“They’re the most important thing they can be wearing in a world that is changing fast.”

But how are you going to compete with these new glasses technology that you’re getting to see more of?

“Cogley says people are spending less time looking at glasses and more time using them.”

We were talking to people that are in this business who said they can’t stand wearing glasses anymore.

And I think they’re right.

They’re not looking at their eyes and they’re not paying attention to the technology, they are looking at the glass and that’s really where the business is going.

“The technology that makes glasses so good is called “micro lenses.

“It allows a person to focus on their eyes instead of focusing on their phone, tablet or other devices, while keeping their vision clear and sharp.”

It’s the technology. “

It’s actually not really a product.

It’s the technology.

It works by giving you an image of what you see.”

It’s not the first time that glasses makers and glasses technology experts have come together to work together to help each other succeed.

Glass makers from many different industries have come to work with each other to bring the technology they need to make the most stylish glasses to market.

But with the emergence of glasses technology in the past two decades, it was the glasses industry that was hardest hit.

In 2011, the glasses business was worth $2.2 billion, but that’s down to $2 billion today.

“It’s been hard for the glasses makers to grow because they are still the primary business, they have a lot more to lose by going down and we know they’re losing money,” says Gugliai.

“If they can get glasses that are the best possible quality, they can make more money.

But if you can’t afford them, then they’re going to be out of business.”

And the industry is getting tougher.

The technology industry is growing faster than the overall business, which is expected to grow by about 20 per cent over the next 10 years, according to the Glass Institute, an industry trade group.

And that’s a good thing because that means more money for consumers.

“This is an area where we have to keep working together to make sure the glass industry stays strong,” says John Breen, the head of the Glass Foundation.

“And this is a great time to be doing that.”

In fact, the industry has been growing faster in the last 10 years than in the entire 20th century, and the number of glasses brands in use is expected increase by 70 per cent by 2020.

But if we look at the trends in glasses, there are still some challenges that need to be overcome.

Glass manufacturers say that the technology is becoming more sophisticated and more reliable, but some of the technology in glasses is still evolving.

The glasses industry has to make a concerted effort to be better at the manufacturing process.

Glass needs to be made in a manufacturing process that is as simple as possible and can take about 10 minutes to complete.

That means a glass maker needs to focus more on making the best glasses possible.

“You need to really think about the process that you need to go through,” says Breen.

“You can’t just go to a factory and say ‘we’re going get this done in 20 minutes’ because you’re not going to get it done in 10 minutes.”

The Glass Institute says there are many more challenges that needs to been addressed, including the way glasses manufacturers and manufacturers can use technology.

The industry has started to do a better job of communicating with consumers and understanding what they want from glasses, says Binsley.

“In a way, we’ve gotten a little better about that.”

“But there are a lot going on in the eyecare space, and we’re still in the early stages,” says Tessa Breen-Smith, the Glass Industry Innovation and Innovation Director at the Glass and Design Association of Canada.

“The industry needs to continue to make great glasses, but we’re also in the middle of a process where we’re learning a lot about what makes glasses different from what makes them good, and

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