A Dutch designer was fired for designing a skull design


When it comes to designer-brand collaborations, the Dutch are in a constant state of conflict, and a recent episode of the popular podcast WTF With Marc Maron has reignited that debate.

In this episode, Marc Maran explores how to make a skull logo look good on a brand logo, and the problems it can cause for brands.

Here’s a snippet of the interview: Marc Marant: Why are there so many skull logos on corporate logos?

That’s a really good question.

The problem is, these companies are all trying to make their brand look different, to make them look different in the eyes of their customers, and sometimes that’s not possible.

You can’t have a skull and a feather.

There’s a reason why the name of the game is feathers.

It’s a hard business, and it’s a big one.

And there’s a lot of confusion around what’s wrong with the logo, especially when it comes down to brand design.

So what is a skull, and what is not?

When I was designing the logo for the company I’m working for, we had a bunch of skull designs that were put in the logo.

The skull looked like a frog, and I had this one that looked like an owl.

And that’s it.

It was really simple.

And when I came up with the idea for the logo itself, I had to make it very, very complex, because the owl is just a symbol for something that’s very different.

And then when I looked at the design of the skull, I realized that this was a great idea, because I’m an owl, I’m a big fan of owls, and there’s this one symbol that I liked, and that’s the one that’s being used for the skull.

And so I just put that in, and now I’m very happy with that logo.

Marc Marand: Are you a fan of skulls?

You can actually make a logo out of them, right?

I’ve never done it.

I’m sure that if you do, you’ll be able to figure it out.

I was actually a big proponent of the logo of this company, and then I looked and I found out that it’s actually a logo of the company.

It is not an owl that has this symbol on it, and this is actually a skull.

Marc: That’s crazy, right, but you know, I think that people have a weird notion of skulls, because they’re usually the only thing in a logo.

And if there’s something really cool in a skull that’s missing, they tend to look for something else.

I don’t think that you’re supposed to just add a skull in, because you know there’s nothing really special about that.

So the skull is really the only way that you can create something unique.

I’ve always liked skulls.

I think they’re cool.

I like the fact that they have a little bit of depth to them.

And I love that they’re not just a simple symbol, that they can actually represent something in the way that the eye can, you know.

So yeah, I always loved them.

They’re my favorite.

I always looked for skulls because they have this kind of connection to the world.

And they can represent everything.

You know, if you’re not familiar with the world, and you don’t have the context, it can really bring a different way of looking at things.

And because of that, I actually like skulls.

It makes you kind of see things from different perspectives.

You’re not always going to be able do this with an owl and a frog because you’re never going to get the same perspective of a bird or a frog.

So I think skull design is really good for creating a visual connection with something.

And it can also really enhance the overall visual experience.

And also the skull can really enhance what’s happening with your logo.

So if I’m creating a logo for an app, and my logo is this bright, colorful thing, but it’s really not what the app is about, I want it to have a different feel.

I want the design to be like this owl with a feather, because that’s a cool idea.

And in my mind, I could create this owl that’s just this color and this shape.

And my brain would be like, “Oh my God, this is really cool!”

And then I can put that design on the logo and I’m like, oh, I have a brand new logo that I really like.

And you know what?

I just want to show my logo that it is actually cool.

And sometimes it’s good to do it in this kind, playful way.

I just really like to show it in a fun way.

And the way I can do that, when you’re designing for a logo, is I want to do this crazy idea, but I also want

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