How to spot bad designs on the web

1.You want to have a website that looks good.2.Your site has to have lots of images and other visual elements.3.Your images should not look like a bunch of logos, icons, and other graphics from a computer screen.4.You have to have the right fonts.5.You should have a solid, well-designed theme.6.Your fonts should not have too many


How to Design a Good Leather Case for Your Car

By Steve CogswellA car is an expensive piece of machinery that is used in everyday life.A car should have a comfortable, clean and well-lit interior.There should be a well-appointed driver seat that is comfortable and that you can actually reach out and touch.The best thing about a car is that it is not designed to


Why you should not wear designer brands

Posted September 16, 2018 05:03:54A designer brand, or designer brand image, is a visual image or symbol used to advertise a brand.For example, a designer brand logo on a shirt could indicate the brand or the company, while a logo on the body of a bag could indicate a brand or its logo.A designer is


How to make a stylish new home

Author : Nita Keshavan | Comments : 979 Views, 0 Likes Published: August 11, 2018 12:01:55 A decade ago, the United States experienced an economic meltdown.At the same time, a major social issue that had been bubbling away for decades — homelessness — began to take shape.Now, a growing number of cities and states are


Which brands are best for designer swimsuits?

Designer swimwear is a trend that’s gaining popularity these days, with more and more brands offering a range of stylish swimwear that fits their own style and personality.We have narrowed down the best designer swimsuits to see which brands can offer you a versatile option that suits your lifestyle and looks great.Read on for the


How to find Korean designer baby brands

The list of designers that can be found in Korea includes designers like Bora Bora, Puma, Dolce & Gabbana, and the brands that have become synonymous with the modern woman.The list also includes designers that have been at the forefront of fashion and women’s fashion in Korea for decades, such as the likes of Miuccia

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