10 Best Vegan Fashion Brands 2018


The New York Times has published an article titled “10 Best Vegan Clothing Brands of 2018.”

In it, the Times writes that “fashion designers are embracing the vegan trend and embracing vegan brands in the process.”

The Times article mentions the many vegan clothing brands that have appeared in the past year including Mango, Laundry Service, L.A. Vegan, and many others.

The Times also mentions how many vegan fashion designers have gone on to make their own vegan fashion labels.

Here’s a list of 10 vegan fashion brands to check out if you’re looking for some great vegan clothing.1.

Laundromat Laundroats by PuraVida is a vegan clothing brand that started in 2014.

The company sells a variety of vegan clothing for women, as well as vegan accessories and other accessories.

The Laundrography collection features high quality fabrics and innovative design, with a focus on eco-friendly technology and sustainable sourcing.

Their website describes Laundropolts as: “the first to offer a high-quality vegan product at the lowest possible price, without compromising on its value for quality.”

Laundrobe by Giorgio Armani has also been featured on the Times.2.

The Fashion Lab by Glamorist was founded in 2014 to provide a more personalized fashion experience for its customers.

The designers have been inspired by their favorite fashion designers.

The brand offers women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing, accessories, jewelry, accessories and accessories.3.

PuraVegan by Laundrag, has been featured in The New Yorker, The New Republic, Glamour and more.

They specialize in providing a more eco-conscious experience for customers with a vegan lifestyle.

Their products are eco-feminine, vegan, and cruelty-free.4.

Puro Vida by PuroVida offers women a range of fashion and lifestyle products that are eco conscious.

Purity is the cornerstone of Puro.

They offer organic, eco-focused and cruelty free products that focus on making your fashion experience as eco-responsible as possible.5.

Glamorama by Glimorama is a fashion and beauty company that has been created in 2009 by a woman in Los Angeles.

Glimoristas has been a leader in the industry of providing a holistic, vegan fashion experience that is sustainable, cruelty- free and ethical.

The products include vegan, organic, and vegan-friendly products.6.

Giorgo by G.O.D. has been on the cover of Glam magazine since 2015.



D has been able to garner a following through the vegan community through its products.

The brands is focused on eco and sustainable fashion.7.


O’Vérité by L. O’Vère offers a range that includes the Glam Collection, which is designed to be environmentally friendly.

The Glam collection features a range in high quality vegan and organic fabrics and accessories as well.8.

Giambattista by Giambatista has been in the spotlight recently as the owner of the Giambaat and has also worked with fashion designers and celebrities to produce a range for women that is eco-nourished and vegan friendly.9.

PETA Fashion Collection by PETA offers women and men an array of vegan and eco-based clothing.

They have a collection of dresses, skirts, skirts and accessories for women and a range made from organic cotton, vegan and non-animal-based fabrics.10.

PVR Vegan is a brand created by a vegan fashion designer in Los Angles, CA that offers eco-oriented, vegan-conscious clothing that has a minimal impact on the environment.

They are able to maintain a minimal footprint on the planet by using a combination of organic cotton and non vegan materials.

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